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The Bike Club aims to increase cycling accessibility for children with new pay monthly bike scheme


In a scheme designed to increase accessibility to high-quality bikes for children nationally, UK start-up, The Bike Club, has launched its pay monthly kids bike scheme.

The scheme allows parents to pay monthly for a new bike and exchange as their child grows.

The aim is to get more children cycling high-quality, well-fitted bikes by making cycling more accessible for families.

After a successful test phase in April, The Bike Club is now ready to rollout the scheme nationwide.

Prices begin at £5 and rental payments are capped, so if a child is a slow grower, parents have the opportunity to buy the bike after 18-24 months. Parents can cancel at any point after the first three months, simply by sending the bike back.

For larger families they also offer a sibling discount of 10% for any subsequent bikes within the household.

“The bikes are made by Cuda Performance and the balance bike from Bobbin. The fleet colours are a little uniform, however we don’t really believe in gender stereotyping the bikes and they’re still pretty cool, coming in either a yellow and green or a red and blue finish,” said The Bike Club Founders Alexandra and James.

“The bikes are fully serviced and most of the fleet is still brand new. It’s a bit like renting a car for a longer period, only no one complains about scratches after you use it – the bikes are fully covered for general wear and tear,” they added.

The Bike Club aim to get as many children cycling as possible. By moving towards a hire exchange model and away from full ownership, they believe that more families can have the right bikes for their children.

“Kids bikes are expensive, well they should be if you buy the right ones. Cheap ones are often oversized, heavy and make your children equate cycling to other not fun activities including cross-country, room tidying and playing scrabble with the babysitter. However with the Bike Club families can get the right sized, lightweight bike which should make cycling more fun, said the couple.

For more information on The Bike Club email: or call on 07774 734 581,

The company is also available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.