About Vamper

Matt Victoria

Vamper.cc is a cycling blog written by amateur (but dedicated) cyclists Matt and Victoria.

Vamper.cc as a cycling blog is dedicated to seeking out style and performance on two wheels. We share everything that we find seductive about cycling, from the most stylish kit design to our reviews of cycle clothing, bikes and accessories. We feature our best tips for fuelling hungry riders, share our insights, ideas and inspiration and highlight some of the great initiatives currently underway across the cycling community. (We highlight some areas for improvement, too.)

The cycling blog was conceived to provide a platform for review and opinion on cycling fashion, trends, accessories, bikes and technology and one that delivered a slightly different voice.

We deliver product reviews, cycling tips, write-ups of our experiences on sportives, velodrome and cyclepark visits as well as opinion pieces on the state of infrastructure, policy and the state of the overall cycling community.

While there are a number of popular news and review sites and cycling blogs, we believe their angle and bias can sometimes alienate riders who are perhaps new to the sport or who appreciate a more balanced outlook.

We also believe that the representation and tailoring of content towards women’s cycling leaves a great deal to be desired. We are very keen to further the reputation of women’s cycling and are particularly motivated to raise the standard and quality of women’s cycling clothing and accessories via our blog.

To contact us by email:

Matt:        matt@vamper.cc

Victoria:  victoria@vamper.cc