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Vélobici to offer Di Luca’s Killer heat-moulded cycling shoes to the UK

DL Killer KS1 shoes - red sideon

Vélobici has become the exclusive UK stockist of a new cycling shoe with heat-moulding technology, designed by Italian road cycling legend Danilo Di Luca.

The new DL Killer KS1 shoes from Di Luca’s Killer Collection feature a 100% carbon fibre shell and an ultralite sole, engineered to mould to the shape of the rider’s feet.

The heat-moulding technology is activated by heating the shoes in boiling water and setting the sole to the rider’s individual footprint, and is designed to deliver unrivalled comfort and performance on the road.

Chris Puttnam, owner of Vélobici said: “The revolutionary technology involved in creating these shoes makes them a perfect fit for Vélobici and we are pleased to be able to add these shoes to our collection of performance roadwear.

“The shoes have been developed with the input of Di Luca along with other top professional cyclists and are scientifically proven to increase the rider’s power output on the road, thanks to a carbon hull that moulds to the shape of the rider’s feet to provide exceptional comfort.

“This, coupled with the lightweight design and increased ventilation, helps to keep feet at a comfortable temperature while on the road and therefore helps to increase performance.

“Our premium cyclewear benefits from the latest technology and we are continually working on developing new lines that push the capabilities of these fabrics, so it is great to be able to offer customers cycling shoes that echo our own ethos.

“Our partnership with Danilo Di Luca has already enabled us to create our own Vélobici road bike and we have plans to develop further lines in the future.”

The DL Killer KS1 shoes feature an ATOP lace system with dual direction capabilities and are adjustable with one hand, allowing them to be tightened or loosened on the move.

The shoes benefit from increased breathability thanks to ventilation holes on the sides of the front upper and tongue, and the carbon sole, to help to keep the rider’s feet at an optimum temperature during activity.

Arch support also provides total comfort by preventing pronation movement and features engineering to guard against the rider’s arch rolling.

The DL Killer KS1 shoes are now available from Vélobici’s Market Bosworth shop and website, and are available in six colours. Priced at £390.

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