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What is the point in having cycle lanes if they are just full of glass, metal shards and bits of cars. The sooner Portsmouth Road in Kingston begins its Mini Holland transformation the better.

To the miserable guy on his bike riding at about 7 mph who said - I hope you die - when I overtook BECAUSE I WANTED TO GET HOME BEFORE NEXT YEAR - what the hell was your problem?! I passed wide. I wasn\'t riding aggressively. I just wanted to ride at a speed that would allow me to actually keep my bike upright. GAGH.

To the white van driver near Twickenham who nearly ran me off the road by turning into the bus lane I was cycling in - I hope someone makes you fear for your life today, as well. That adrenaline when you realise how narrowly you escaped serious injury or death is quite something.

To the old bloke in the Silver VW Polo who though it was a brilliant idea to overtake me on a blind bend, leaving 10cm between us.... Just not cool!

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