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The quest continues: Victoria shares her pick of cool women’s cycling kits

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Women’s cycling is going from strength to strength and it’s heartening to see more apparel designers launching expanded collections for female cyclists. I’m sure I’m not alone, though, in feeling that women’s cycling clothing is all too often still a bit of an afterthought. If you’re struggling to find kit as cool as you are, read on, because I’ve made it my mission to share all the cool women’s cycling kits I can find. You’ll find more good stuff here and here.

And don’t forget that the coolest kit of 2016, the Vamper.cc kit, is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Register your interest here!


Hors catégorie socks – This is Cambridge

cool women's cycling kits

These glorious socks from This is Cambridge are just fah-bu-lous. I ordered a pair to coordinate with my pink Bont shoes… The socks feature Meryl Skinlife® which is a high performance yarn containing antibacterial properties which maintain the natural balance of the skin, reducing odours. What’s more, they look incredibly cool with a 15cm cuff, making them ideal for cyclists seeking a performance sock with top notch style. They’re £13.50.


Vision Cycling Jersey – Polaris Bikewear

cool women's cycling kits

We’ll be publishing a review of this soon, but in the meantime, I can tell you that it’s great. The Vision Jersey is a women’s specific performance jersey made from a fast wicking fabric to keep you dry. Polaris has a co-ordinating pair of waist shorts (as regular readers know, not usually my preferred choice – but so far, I’m liking them…) so the half zip on the jersey is no problem. There is plenty of storage, too, with three rear pockets including a zipped security pocket. If this aqua blue shade ain’t your bag, it also comes in fuchsia pink and regal purple. I really, really like this jersey. It’s available for £64.99.


Women’s Wind Cheater/Core Gilet in WaterCOLOUR – The Pedla

cool women's cycling kits

Ok, ok. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a bold floral print. What can I say – I must be the Mary Berry of the cycling world… But this women’s specific wind cheater gilet from The Pedla is gorgeous and utilises an advanced Italian WINDTEX windproof membrane for performance. It is designed with front shield-style paneling to insulate and protect you from wind and light rain while the rear panelling uses quick-drying microfibre material which is soft, breathable and moisture wicking. It’s a beautiful way to add a dash of summertime to your cycling wardrobe. It’s priced at AUD $196.


Women’s Bodyline SS Slipstream Jersey – Stolen Goat

cool women's cycling kits

It doesn’t always have to be floral for me to like it. This Slipstream jersey from Stolen Goat makes it into my list of cool women’s cycling kits because it’s super chic and the colours rock. I like it a lot. You can order it for £60.


Aloha Jersey – Babicicool women's cycling kits

We’re back to florals! But this time, tropical ones. The Aloha jersey features a beautifully designed Hawaiian tropical pattern. Illustrated with amazing detail and constructed from high performance textiles, Babici expects this to be its most popular jersey of 2016. I’m sorely tempted. It’s priced at AUD $190.


Body Geometry Gel Women’s Glove – Specialized

cool women's cycling kits

I know what you’re thinking. Why is this in the list of cool women’s cycling kits? It isn’t a very exciting piece of kit. Where’s the bold design? What’s so cool about it? Fine, I admit it: they’re not going to set your world on fire. But take it from a women’s cycling glove afficionado: these are excellent summer cycling mitts. The padding is second to none and the fuchsia detailing is bolder than it looks in pictures. I bought a pair in Sigma Sport a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really pleased with them. Very good gloves indeed. You can buy them for £25.00.


Polka Dot Blue Women’s Cycling Gloves – Stolen Goat
cool women's cycling kits

You need a bolder glove? You want more than performance – you want pizzazz? Well, these mitts from Stolen Goat have got it. Super duper polka dots (bang on trend, if you care) and aero styling so that nothing can hold you back from that Queen of the Mountain. CUTE. And yours for £29.50.


Women Summer Jersey Checked Yellow – La Passione

cool women's cycling kits

“Every peloton has a leader, but not every peloton has a stylish leader.” Too true, La Passione! I was torn over which colourway to show you from the new La Passione range. I finally decided that yellow jerseys for women are few and far between, and this shade is so deliciously sunny and summery that it deserves a place in the list. I also like this description from the brand: the jersey “is not only perfectly suited for any female Tour de France winner, but equally for anyone with style and a winning attitude in cycling.” Sold, to the lady in Lycra. £53.00.


Boels Dolmans SL Pro Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey – Specialized 

cool women's cycling kits

I saw a cyclist wearing this kit in Richmond Park last weekend and it looked cool AF. The colours are amazing and I love how unapologetically bold it is. Super modern and super cool. The VaporRize knit fabric construction is ultra-soft and breathable and, combined with Coldblack fabric, it’s a great jersey for hot days out on the road. Yours for £90 from Sigma Sport.


Empire Women’s Road Shoe – Giro (at Sigma Sport)

Coolest women's cycling kit

Finally – we all know how important the right shoes are, and no list of cool women’s cycling kits would be complete without some good footwear. These are not cheap. But they are pretty. Glossy black with that petrol-hued logo and vibrant turquoise laces, the carbon-soled Empire Women’s Road Shoe by Giro is hot to trot. Love them. They are priced at £229.95


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Women who cycle: we meet three inspiring women taking on the pedElle 2016 challenge


Vamper.cc is delighted to be partnering with Aspire PR to bring you a series on the pedElle 2016 charity ride for women in the property industry, organised by Club Peloton, a fundraising charity which specialises in creating business networks.

PedElle 2016 is a three-day, 425km ride open to female professional from the property industry. This year’s event commences in Salzburg on Monday 23rd May and ends in Venice on Wednesday 25th, just in time for the start of the famous Architecture Biennale 2016. The route to Venice also takes in the medieval town on Lienz in Tyrol and the north Italian city of Udine. (In fact, we think the route sounds so good that we wonder if we should diversify into the property industry so we can ride it, too…)

The cyclists on pedElle will work as a peloton for efficiency and an atmosphere that fosters networking and camaraderie. The riders will also benefit from a full support crew consisting of lead car, mechanics, logistics, sports therapists and motorcycle outriders to keep body, mind and bike in full working order and to ensure that everyone crosses the finishing line together.

In addition to the entry fee, the riders commit to raising a minimum amount for a number of children’s charities including Coram. To date, Coram has received £500,000 from Club Peloton events, making it Coram’s largest corporate partner. The funds raised by pedElle 2016 will go towards Coram’s adoption services, helping vulnerable children find stable, loving families.

We’re very pleased to introduce you to three of this year’s riders who are sharing their cycling stories with us. We hope you find their journey as inspiring and interesting as we do…



Rider profile: Samantha McClary

pedElle 2016 McClary
Sam McClary has taken part in every Club Peloton event, a 1200 mile duathlon around the UK and a 1600 mile cycle from Vancouver to San Diego.


Samantha, what prompted you to sign up for pedElle 2016?

Three days riding through beautiful countryside in beautiful weather with a gaggle of inspiring and interesting women? Why wouldn’t I sign up! But in all honesty, I love taking part in these rides as they teach so much about humankind. Whether you are the strongest rider or the weakest, it really doesn’t matter on pedElle as we are all in it together. That’s the great thing about women’s cycling (when we’re not racing, obvs): it’s about what you can do for the person riding next to you to make sure they are having the best time. Whether that’s a wheel, a little hand, some banter, a sing-song or just the promise of a big glass of wine at the end, it is those moments that really make me want to do every single pedElle.

I’m the chick you’ll see with a spicy Spanish sausage sticking out her back pocket.


When did you take up cycling, and why?

I started cycling properly probably about eight years ago. I started commuter cycling because I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay for the train! I started cycling properly because of Club Peloton – the company behind pedElle. The property magazine I work for is the media partner to all of its property rides, including its flagship Cycle to MIPIM. I did that one year, and I was hooked. On one of the first training rides I met a cycling partner in crime. We became the closest of friends – she even got me into triathlon, which then got me into competing at age group level for GB – and cycling buddies. Since then I’ve done all sorts of cycling adventures: every Club Peloton event, a 1,200 mile duathlon of sorts around the UK, and a 1,600 mile cycle (with two other pedEllers) from Vancouver to San Diego. I have plenty more adventures planned.


How are you training for the event? Have you developed any training or nutrition plans to prepare yourself?

Training for me is part of every day life. I just ride my bike. I teach spin too, which helps of course. I’m the chick you’ll see with a spicy Spanish sausage sticking out her back pocket. Chorizo isn’t everyone’s bag of chips on a bike ride but for me it is the perfect package of fats, protein and salt.


What bike will you be riding? Tell us about it.

I will be riding my Wilier Zero 7. I love it. Like, properly and potentially inappropriately, love it. It is matt black with day-glo orange decals. It is ridiculously light and ludicrously expensive. I blame Club Peloton entirely for the health (or lack thereof) of my bank balance.

pedElle 2016 Bike
We asked Sam what bike she’ll be riding. “I will be riding my Wilier Zero 7. I love it. Like, properly and potentially inappropriately, love it.” We get that, Sam – we love it too!


At this point, what are you hoping to achieve from taking part in pedElle 2016?

PedElle for me is about women working together to achieve something special. Raising money for a charity like Coram is of course the most special thing we can do as it will provide new families for children so desperately in need. But that something special is also about helping develop confidence, pride and a fine set of quads for a group of very wonderful women.


Rider Profile: Sarah Jenkinson

pedElle 2016 Jenkinson
Sarah Jenkinson took up cycling in Chamonix. When asked how she planned to get her new bike home, she replied – I’ll ride it!


What prompted you to sign up for pedElle 2016, Sarah?

I work at Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design and one of the directors, Jennifer Ross, set up the first ride with a friend, Claire Treanor. When I started at the practice, as a keen cyclist, there was no doubt as to whether I would or wouldn’t take part; if you like cycling, are female and work at Tibbalds, you are in!


When did you take up cycling, and why?

I got into road cycling when I lived in Chamonix one summer a few years ago. Everyone out there is very fit and active, and the scenery is so captivating – it’s impossible not to be drawn to the activities you can do there. I actually bought an old secondhand bike initially, just to get around town. Then one evening in the pub, a friend asked how I’d get my new wheels home. In the Chamonix spirit I joked that obviously I’d cycle it home to the UK…   Just under 1000km later and road cycling was in my blood!


How are you training for the event? Have you developed any training or nutrition plans to prepare yourself?

I stay quite active, especially on the bike, throughout the year. So I don’t change too much but try to get a few longer weekend rides in, as well as sticking to some hills laps after work each week. What really helps me personally is to try and do a lot of hot yoga in the run-up to the event: I can get painful knees so I find that getting my body as supple as possible is just as important as working on cardio and strength.


And what bike will you be riding? Tell us about it.

I ride the Liv Envie Advanced Tri. I love it. So agile and light and the deep rim wheels are such a pleasure to ride (if there isn’t a cross wind!). It’s the first bike I’ve owned where I actually like how it looks too, although it’s pretty difficult to keep white paintwork looking good!


At this point, what are you hoping to achieve from taking part in pedElle 2016?

For me, it’s all about meeting new people in the industry. Three days is a great amount of time to get to know people and the riding acts as a leveller that brings everyone together. It’s a really inclusive and supportive event and I’m proud to be part of it. I’m also really looking forward to the route this year. A route through the mountains, unravelling to the coast will be spectacular!



Rider Profile: Yvonne Smith

pedElle 2016 Group
Yvonne (centre) has been training for pedElle with her family around the North Downs – training is always easier with some moral support.

Yvonne, tell us what prompted you to sign up for pedElle 2016?

I was inspired by Sam McClary of Estates Gazette as she cycled and ran from Edinburgh sponsored by Helix, the company I work for, a couple of years back. I was further inspired to buy a bike by my eldest daughter (also a surveyor) who cycles with her boyfriend (he did the Etape last year). We went along, got a nice tan and were overwhelmed with the effort put into both the training and the event itself. I then went and bought a bike in Sept 2016 for my 56th birthday.

I then came across pedElle. My mother is Austrian, so Salzburg felt like it was home for me – I also love the Sound of Music and expect we will all be wearing curtains made of Lycra and singing in unison as we weave in and out of each other up and down the Alps!


How are you training for the event? Have you developed any training or nutrition plans to prepare yourself?

My goddaughter (who is an osteopath) is doing the Prudential Ride 100 so we, along with her dad, my husband, and our daughters (who are all surveyors too) are out every weekend around the North Downs. I am following the plan Rhian from Club Peloton sent to me and so far so good: I’m getting stronger, but hills still defeat me. I have not changed my nutrition – I just eat more as I burn a few extra calories. Nothing scientific.

I expect we will all be wearing curtains made of Lycra and singing in unison as we weave in and out of each other up and down the Alps!

What bike will you be riding? Tell us about it.

It’s just lovely: a Ridley (extra small – I am 5 ft 1inch). I only had it ‘fitted’ by Thom at Evans in Guildford on Friday and what a difference. We’ve changed the handlebars to a narrow gauge, and he’s raised my seat and tipped it forward a little. He has all these technical gadgets that check all the angles – an excellent £45 spent for 2 hours of intensive fiddling. I had ‘rhino tyres’ fitted as I cycle on my own to work and back and can’t manage a puncture despite the workshop I took part in… I could blame the arthritis but I don’t have any confidence the wheel won’t fall off if I change the tyre.


At this point, what are you hoping to achieve from taking part in pedElle 2016?

I love being with professional women; I am constantly impressed and moved by their achievements and this will be a great opportunity for networking. And I just want to be able to finish and feel proud of myself – and the whole pedElle event.


We will be running a further two interviews with Samantha, Sarah and Yvonne to hear how their training is going closer to the event and later, to hear how the adventure went. Stay tuned!

If you are a woman working in the property industry and this has inspired you, it’s not too late to register for the event at pedElle. We would love to hear from you if you decide to take part, so drop us a line at victoria@vamper.cc.