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Vamper.cc kit watch: a selection of cool new women’s cycling jerseys for 2017

Jersey Collage

The weather is grim and spring doesn’t even seem to be close for much of the UK. If you’re feeling blue, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new cycling jersey to brighten up rides on dull days. Sure, you might need to layer up with a base layer and arm warmers for a while – but in no time at all, you’ll be stripping those off and cycling in the sunshine, we’re certain of it! Here’s our pick of some of the season’s best new women’s cycling jerseys…


Maloja Women’s MitterseeM.AOP 1/2 Short Sleeve Jersey, £74.00, Wiggle.co.uk

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Maloja make good quality cycling jerseys in unusual designs. We’re rather taken with this meadow flower print, which is sure to brighten a dull day…


VOID Ride Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey, £94.99, Sigma Sport

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

If you’re not so much about the flowers, maybe this edgier look from VOID is more up your street? We love the bright blue and the paint splatter effect (though maybe we’re just so accustomed to having paint splatters on our clothes while we decorate our house that this is the new normal?)


Morvelo Women’s Plume Standard Jersey, £65.00, Morvelo

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Once upon a time we didn’t rate Morvelo’s women’s jerseys at all. The designs were cool, but the cut was heinous. The brand seems to have addressed that with a much sleeker cut, and they do some marvellous prints. These feathers are gorgeous. Unusual, a little bit quirky, but sophisticated. Perfect for birds on bikes.


This Is Cambridge À Bloc Long Sleeve Jersey, £105, This Is Cambridge

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017


If you’re not into arm warmers and you’d just like some long sleeves while it’s cold, thank you very much, then we think you can’t go wrong with this sharp black and fluoro pink option from This Is Cambridge. It’s slick and sporty with a hint of Gallic charm thanks to those stripes. TIC – This Is Chic!

Black Sheep Cycling Rosa Season 8 Women’s Kit, £210, Sigma Sport

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Admittedly, this is a bit of a splurge because it comes as a whole kit. But it’s awfully nice. The graphic floral print is both pretty AND edgy and we think this would look every bit as good with arm and leg warmers as it will with bare limbs on warm summer days.


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