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Cycle ClothingWomen's Cycling kit watch: a selection of cool new women’s cycling jerseys for 2017

Jersey Collage

The weather is grim and spring doesn’t even seem to be close for much of the UK. If you’re feeling blue, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new cycling jersey to brighten up rides on dull days. Sure, you might need to layer up with a base layer and arm warmers for a while – but in no time at all, you’ll be stripping those off and cycling in the sunshine, we’re certain of it! Here’s our pick of some of the season’s best new women’s cycling jerseys…


Maloja Women’s MitterseeM.AOP 1/2 Short Sleeve Jersey, £74.00,

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Maloja make good quality cycling jerseys in unusual designs. We’re rather taken with this meadow flower print, which is sure to brighten a dull day…


VOID Ride Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey, £94.99, Sigma Sport

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

If you’re not so much about the flowers, maybe this edgier look from VOID is more up your street? We love the bright blue and the paint splatter effect (though maybe we’re just so accustomed to having paint splatters on our clothes while we decorate our house that this is the new normal?)


Morvelo Women’s Plume Standard Jersey, £65.00, Morvelo

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Once upon a time we didn’t rate Morvelo’s women’s jerseys at all. The designs were cool, but the cut was heinous. The brand seems to have addressed that with a much sleeker cut, and they do some marvellous prints. These feathers are gorgeous. Unusual, a little bit quirky, but sophisticated. Perfect for birds on bikes.


This Is Cambridge À Bloc Long Sleeve Jersey, £105, This Is Cambridge

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017


If you’re not into arm warmers and you’d just like some long sleeves while it’s cold, thank you very much, then we think you can’t go wrong with this sharp black and fluoro pink option from This Is Cambridge. It’s slick and sporty with a hint of Gallic charm thanks to those stripes. TIC – This Is Chic!

Black Sheep Cycling Rosa Season 8 Women’s Kit, £210, Sigma Sport

cool new women's cycling jerseys for 2017

Admittedly, this is a bit of a splurge because it comes as a whole kit. But it’s awfully nice. The graphic floral print is both pretty AND edgy and we think this would look every bit as good with arm and leg warmers as it will with bare limbs on warm summer days.


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Six Socks/Sick Socks: picks out the six best cycling socks

Featured Image

Clothes maketh the man, and socks maketh the cyclist. There’s no point having the coolest cycling kit on your back if it all goes to pot at your feet, so we’ve rounded up our pick of the six best cycling socks out there.

In case you need a reminder of The Sock Rules, here they are:

  1. Thou shalt not wear those ghastly concealed socks, which poke out around the ankle in an embarrassed, undignified fashion. Have the courage to wear your socks long, loud and proud.
  2. Thou shalt take pride in one’s sock game and coordinate one’s ankles with the rest of one’s kit.

Now, to the socks…

best cycling socks

This is Cambridge create bold and beautiful cycling apparel. The British brand’s range of socks are super technical as well as super stylish: the Hors catégorie sock features Meryl Skinlife® which is a high performance yarn containing antibacterial properties to maintain the natural balance of the skin, thereby reducing unwelcome odours. And style-wise, they feature a generous 15cm cuff, making them an ideal sock choice for cyclists who want to make a statement in the saddle. They are currently priced at £10.80 (reduced from £13.50).

best cycling socks


The Victory Chimp Hill Repeat socks in Celeste are some of our favourites. With a wavy stripe design inspired by undulating training roads and the uniform profiles of sets of intervals, the Hill Repeats cycling sock is particularly sharp, as well as being wicking, lightweight and breathable. They feature a 6″ cuff, too, so there is plenty of pattern on show. Buy them from Victory Chimp for £10.00.

best cycling socks

Morvelo is known for its ballsy prints and bold cycling kit, and that fondness for bright colours and eye catching designs extends to the brand’s socks. Lightweight and highly breathable, the Morvelo Never Rest socks wick moisture away rapidly with an anti-bacterial yarn to reduce odours. We love the snugness of these socks which wash well, retain their elasticity and look sharp. They are priced at £10.00.

best cycling socks

MAAP design some of the coolest cycling kits out there. This cycling brand from Down Under goes in for super cool detailing and super high performance. The Dot Sock is made in Australia from a cotton/nylon blend, and features an open mesh on the top of the foot for added breathability. British summers might not always mean that’s a priority, but it’s always good to know your feet won’t overheat in the rare event of a hot day… They are priced at AUD $30.00, or you can buy them from Sigma Sport for £20.00.


best cycling socks

Café du Cycliste brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the cycling wardrobe with this chic pair of Breton-striped cycling socks. The Cafe du Cycliste Breton Sock features a fine gauge merino-rich blend combining elastane for stretch, synthetic fibres for durability and anti-blister yarn for comfort. The thermoregulating nature of merino helps to keep your feet cosy on cool rides and cool on hot days. Mon dieu! What’s more, the fibre’s natural antibacterial properties will keep your tootsies fragrant. The socks are available from Velovixen for £16.00.

best cycling socks

Aussie cycling brand Attaquer shares our sock philosophy: no cycling kit should ever been subjected to a pair of puny ankle socks. If you’re going to wear cool kit, it needs to be cool from head to toe and that means the 18cm length of this natty pair is spot on. They’re not just super long and cool looking: these socks also feature silver yarn technology to provide natural anti-bacterial protection, moisture management, extra comfort and odour elimination. You can buy them from G!ro Cycles for £14.95.

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The quest continues: Victoria shares her pick of cool women’s cycling kits

Featured image

Women’s cycling is going from strength to strength and it’s heartening to see more apparel designers launching expanded collections for female cyclists. I’m sure I’m not alone, though, in feeling that women’s cycling clothing is all too often still a bit of an afterthought. If you’re struggling to find kit as cool as you are, read on, because I’ve made it my mission to share all the cool women’s cycling kits I can find. You’ll find more good stuff here and here.

And don’t forget that the coolest kit of 2016, the kit, is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Register your interest here!


Hors catégorie socks – This is Cambridge

cool women's cycling kits

These glorious socks from This is Cambridge are just fah-bu-lous. I ordered a pair to coordinate with my pink Bont shoes… The socks feature Meryl Skinlife® which is a high performance yarn containing antibacterial properties which maintain the natural balance of the skin, reducing odours. What’s more, they look incredibly cool with a 15cm cuff, making them ideal for cyclists seeking a performance sock with top notch style. They’re £13.50.


Vision Cycling Jersey – Polaris Bikewear

cool women's cycling kits

We’ll be publishing a review of this soon, but in the meantime, I can tell you that it’s great. The Vision Jersey is a women’s specific performance jersey made from a fast wicking fabric to keep you dry. Polaris has a co-ordinating pair of waist shorts (as regular readers know, not usually my preferred choice – but so far, I’m liking them…) so the half zip on the jersey is no problem. There is plenty of storage, too, with three rear pockets including a zipped security pocket. If this aqua blue shade ain’t your bag, it also comes in fuchsia pink and regal purple. I really, really like this jersey. It’s available for £64.99.


Women’s Wind Cheater/Core Gilet in WaterCOLOUR – The Pedla

cool women's cycling kits

Ok, ok. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a bold floral print. What can I say – I must be the Mary Berry of the cycling world… But this women’s specific wind cheater gilet from The Pedla is gorgeous and utilises an advanced Italian WINDTEX windproof membrane for performance. It is designed with front shield-style paneling to insulate and protect you from wind and light rain while the rear panelling uses quick-drying microfibre material which is soft, breathable and moisture wicking. It’s a beautiful way to add a dash of summertime to your cycling wardrobe. It’s priced at AUD $196.


Women’s Bodyline SS Slipstream Jersey – Stolen Goat

cool women's cycling kits

It doesn’t always have to be floral for me to like it. This Slipstream jersey from Stolen Goat makes it into my list of cool women’s cycling kits because it’s super chic and the colours rock. I like it a lot. You can order it for £60.


Aloha Jersey – Babicicool women's cycling kits

We’re back to florals! But this time, tropical ones. The Aloha jersey features a beautifully designed Hawaiian tropical pattern. Illustrated with amazing detail and constructed from high performance textiles, Babici expects this to be its most popular jersey of 2016. I’m sorely tempted. It’s priced at AUD $190.


Body Geometry Gel Women’s Glove – Specialized

cool women's cycling kits

I know what you’re thinking. Why is this in the list of cool women’s cycling kits? It isn’t a very exciting piece of kit. Where’s the bold design? What’s so cool about it? Fine, I admit it: they’re not going to set your world on fire. But take it from a women’s cycling glove afficionado: these are excellent summer cycling mitts. The padding is second to none and the fuchsia detailing is bolder than it looks in pictures. I bought a pair in Sigma Sport a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really pleased with them. Very good gloves indeed. You can buy them for £25.00.


Polka Dot Blue Women’s Cycling Gloves – Stolen Goat
cool women's cycling kits

You need a bolder glove? You want more than performance – you want pizzazz? Well, these mitts from Stolen Goat have got it. Super duper polka dots (bang on trend, if you care) and aero styling so that nothing can hold you back from that Queen of the Mountain. CUTE. And yours for £29.50.


Women Summer Jersey Checked Yellow – La Passione

cool women's cycling kits

“Every peloton has a leader, but not every peloton has a stylish leader.” Too true, La Passione! I was torn over which colourway to show you from the new La Passione range. I finally decided that yellow jerseys for women are few and far between, and this shade is so deliciously sunny and summery that it deserves a place in the list. I also like this description from the brand: the jersey “is not only perfectly suited for any female Tour de France winner, but equally for anyone with style and a winning attitude in cycling.” Sold, to the lady in Lycra. £53.00.


Boels Dolmans SL Pro Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey – Specialized 

cool women's cycling kits

I saw a cyclist wearing this kit in Richmond Park last weekend and it looked cool AF. The colours are amazing and I love how unapologetically bold it is. Super modern and super cool. The VaporRize knit fabric construction is ultra-soft and breathable and, combined with Coldblack fabric, it’s a great jersey for hot days out on the road. Yours for £90 from Sigma Sport.


Empire Women’s Road Shoe – Giro (at Sigma Sport)

Coolest women's cycling kit

Finally – we all know how important the right shoes are, and no list of cool women’s cycling kits would be complete without some good footwear. These are not cheap. But they are pretty. Glossy black with that petrol-hued logo and vibrant turquoise laces, the carbon-soled Empire Women’s Road Shoe by Giro is hot to trot. Love them. They are priced at £229.95


Cycle ClothingWomen's Cycling

Victoria picks out another 5 awesome women’s cycling jerseys for summer

Featured image

Last week we picked out ten of the coolest men’s and women’s cycling jerseys of 2016. It’s always a bit more difficult for women who cycle, because there still isn’t the same breadth of choice for us – so, to save you some legwork, I’ve found another five awesome women’s cycling jerseys to keep you looking fresh this summer. Read on!


Queen of the Mountain

Luminary women’s cycling jersey, AUD $159

women's cycling jerseys

This gloriously summery kit is currently sold out, but you can sign up for an alert from Australian women’s cycling brand Queen of the Mountain to let you know when it’s back in stock. I love the super vibrant palette – this ain’t a kit for shrinking violets! It’s the very essence of joie de vivre from our friends Down Under. More here.



WaterColor women’s cycling jersey, US $130.00

Women's cycling jerseys

These dreamy hues of pastel pink and baby blue are toughened up with rough black edges like a scrawl of charcoal over a watercolour painting. Gorgeous. More here.


Void Cycling 

WS Ride women’s cycling jersey, €110

Women's cycling jerseys

The sleek race cut and cool spot print from this Scandinavian cycle wear brand is sharp and quirky enough to make sure you stand out from the peloton. More here.


Machines For Freedom

Horizons Print women’s cycling jersey, US $175

Women's cycling jerseys

Subtle tones reminiscent of the skies you see on those insanely early morning rides, the Horizons jersey from US women’s cycling brand Machines For Freedom has me drooling. More here.


This is Cambridge

Hors Categorie jersey in blue, £ coming soon

Women's cycling jerseys

It isn’t currently available, but I’ll be ready to pounce when it’s back in stock on This is Cambridge. The colours are bold, bright and perfect for summer – and I can’t resist a polka dot/stripe pairing. I love it. More here.


Have you seen any awesome women’s cycling jerseys? Feel free to share them in the comments, we’re always on the hunt for exciting new brands!


The Vamper Gift List: the best Christmas presents for cyclists in 2015


If you’re anything like us, you’re now being bombarded with phone calls and emails from your family, demanding to know what you want for Christmas. You might have seen a thousand things on Wiggle or Velovixen over the course of the year, but you’ll be damned if you can remember any of them when you’re put on the spot.

Alternatively, you might be that family member, trying to find the ideal gift for your cycling-obsessed daughter/husband/grandmother/nephew.

Fear not.

We have put together a Vamper Christmas list of excellent gifts for those who prefer the two-wheeled life. Read on for our round up of the best Christmas presents for cyclists in 2015…


bauble1Rapha Silk Scarf, £50.00

A silk scarf is a versatile – and glamorous – accessory to have in your armoury. It adds colour and flare to an otherwise simple outfit; it can hide a multitude of sins as a headscarf (useful on those days when a helmet hasn’t done your hair any favours); and on the mild days we’ve been experiencing this winter, it can be tucked in to your collar to keep draughts out without overheating.

What’s more, if you’re not cycling too far and want to keep your hair looking nice, wearing a silk headscarf underneath your helmet instead of a cap will keep your hair smooth and sleek. (Not recommended for long, fast rides when all you will do is make your beautiful silk scarf sweaty). We like Rapha’s purple silk offering: it’s timeless and chic and allows you to channel Rapha style on and off the bike.



Endurance Conspiracy ‘Fit & Vicious’ Women’s Teeshirt, £25.00

The ideal post-sportive get up, when you’re keen to maintain your cycling credentials down the pub but can’t wait to get out of your sweaty kit. Endurance Conspiracy tees are made from incredibly soft, lightweight 100% cotton and they’re supremely comfortable, for either a pint with the cycling club or at home with your jogging bottoms. Fit & Vicious definitely floated our boat.


bauble3Svelte Cycles Arm Warmers, £20.00

Anyone who follows on social media will be only too aware of our penchant for bold cycling gear. We’re not shrinking violets and we won’t fade into the background. A pair of these bold and beautiful arm warmers from Svelte Cycles (in Botanical for Victoria, please) would be welcome in our Christmas stocking, particularly during such a mild winter when we’re still not quite in need of full on winter cycle wear every day.


bauble4Isadore Apparel Sleeveless Base Layer, €45.00

Victoria is a hot-blooded sort, fiery tempered and too warm for about 50% of the time. Unless it is a very cold day, long sleeved and high necked base layers are just too much. Isadore Apparel’s sleeveless base layer proved itself to be a huge hit: extremely comfortable and well fitting, unobtrusive under a huge range of garments, and easy to care for. While it may be part of the men’s range, the size Small fits beautifully (Matt has been happily wearing the same style in Medium). A practical gift which will quickly become a favourite garment, we promise.


Vamper Christmas


bauble5This Is Cambridge Omloop Winter Cycling Cap, £55.00

Well, this really is a thing of beauty. Designed and handmade in England, the Omloop winter cycling cap from This is Cambridge is a classic bit of kit for the colder months. Made from 100% merino wool to keep you snug while wicking moisture away, we think this is a marvellous cap. What’s more, This is Cambridge understand that one size doesn’t fit all (particularly in the household, with Victoria’s mega cranium and Matt’s pinhead). The caps come in not one, but five sizes. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit.


White Stuff Bike Print Scarf, £27.50bauble6

High Street retailer White Stuff have put together a lovely Winter range this year which features a cracking bike print scarf (and pyjama bottoms). Fine gauge double-layered merino wool for warmth, we think the navy version is a lovely gift for the cyclist in your life. It’s a nice way to demonstrate devotion to two-wheeled life off the bike.


bauble7Rapha Merino Gloves, £70.00

We keep going on about it, but it really has been a mild winter – we still can’t entertain donning heavy winter garb. Rapha’s Merino Gloves have been designed for wear in mild to cool conditions, making them ideal for the weather we’ve been experiencing recently. They’re extremely smart and they would look just as smart behind the wheel of your car or with a sharp winter coat as they do on the bike. And with a grippy leather palm, they’re functional too. At £70 they’re a bit of an extravagance – but that makes them an ideal Christmas wishlist item, we think.


Kitbrix kit bag, £42.00

Are you guilty of losing items of your kit on a regular basis? Victoria is. Every time we go away to a sportive, I hear a wail of “Maaaatt… Have you seen my <insert gloves/gels/socks>…?” – well, I’m hoping that once she has a Kitbrix of her own, it might help her to keep her cycling kit in one place. It’s a cracking bit of gear: well designed space, tough, waterproof and mud proof. You can pack everything you need in here: helmet, neck scarf, waterproof jacket, jersey, base layer, bib shorts, gloves, socks, cycle shoes, gels, small pump and any other essential bits you can’t live without. A great item for your wishlist – or a gift for someone you think needs some help keeping it all together… We particularly like the vibrant Red Coat model. Festive!


Vamper Christmas




Vélobici thermal oversocks, £30.00

Vélobici’s thermal oversocks are designed to keep feet cosy both on and off the bike, thanks to the use of the brand’s exclusive VB-Pro VR1 fabric. Breathable and odour resistant, they’ll help you get out on the bike on the chilliest of days thanks to the double layer thermal insulation. Available in black, the socks have a splash of reflective red ankle binding for visibility plus an embroidered VB logo (which has Vamper’s own VB sold). They are are available in two sizes, small/medium and large/x-large.



Birzman Maga Apogee III Track Pump, £54.99 from Evans

You know those times when you are pumping away and you feel less than well equipped? – No? – Just Matt, then! Either way, those feelings of inadequacy will melt away should you receive the Birzman Maga Apogee III for Christmas. It is to track pumps what Beyonce would have been to The Spice Girls. Once you’ve experienced true finery you can never look at Geri in the same way again…



David Tedman’s Cycling Box Hill prints, from £65.00

Do you find yourself drifting into daydream about perfect summer days riding the Surrey Hills? Do you quietly ponder descending Box Hill as you drift off at night? If cycling hasn’t *quite* taken over your life yet, why not consider hanging a glorious cycling-themed canvas at home? This great set of Box Hill-themed prints from local artist David Tedman will have you hankering for the start of the season all winter long.



Active Intelligence Urbane Compact 20L Bike Backpack, £110.00 from Neos Cycling

When it comes to Christmas gifts for cyclists, practical presents can be every bit as brilliant as luxurious ones. Much as we wish we could just ride everywhere for fun, many of us have to spend the majority of bike rides carting work clothes, Macbooks, lunch boxes and all sorts of other bits and pieces on our backs. Such is the life of a cycle commuter. Our rucksacks aren’t waterproof and they’re rather lacking in pockets, so we’re hankering after the Active Intelligence Urbane Compact 20L Bike Backpack at Neos Cycling. It sounds tough and highly functional with roll top closure and plenty of pockets to keep things tidy – including a padded, removable internal organiser which will fit a tablet. It’s 100% waterproof, and has a reflective logo and LED mount for visibility at night. We’d be happy to find one under the tree!


Vamper Christmas


Don’t forget to check back over the next few weeks to see more cycling Christmas gifts for cyclists – we’ll be sharing all the ideas we find…