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Reviewed by VeloSkin natural skincare regime for cyclists


Before I launch headlong into this review, I want to begin by thanking VeloSkin for two reasons: firstly, for reaffirming my faith that the cycling industry can deliver products that truly crossover and become fundamental requirements of ‘real life’. And secondly, for providing me with, after a 25 year search, a suite of shaving products that my stupidly sensitive skin can actually embrace.

Due in no small part to cycling’s spiralling popularity, the seemingly inexorable rise of products aimed at the cycling community seems to show no sign of abating. As the number of interested parties grows, so unfortunately does the slew of tenuous products loosely aimed at the likes of you and I – or, our wallets/purses/bumbags.

We at HQ bear witness to a good number of products purporting to have been ‘developed’ specifically for cyclists. By ‘developed’, I mean sourced on DHGate or Alibaba and then shipped in from China at little expense. So it is refreshing, both metaphorically and literally in the case of VeloSkin’s Post Shave Balm, to test a range of products that not only has exemplary development credentials, but delivers over and above expectations.

It is rare that a brand can ingratiate itself into your personal stable immediately, in my case almost never, but VeloSkin has done just that.

A beautifully packaged set of VeloSkin products was couriered to us on our recent Moor Retreats weekend by brand founder Chris Bairstow (VeloSkin are, incidentally, the official skincare partner of Moor Retreats) and I immediately embarked on a regime to test the Shave Cream, Post Shave Lotion, Chamois Cream and Soothing Gel to the max.

For lovers of Pete and Dud I aimed to have all cheeks covered – upper and lower.


I’ll admit that until this point my skincare regimen over the years has been patchy at best, non-existent at worst. Bar a few mid-teen years using Laboratoire Garnier (after all, it was the Nineties – we were new men, apparently) I had been prepared to let the ravages of time and the elements dictate the evolution of my complexion. Nevertheless, with a gorgeous new black and orange box to open I was ready to re-board the skincare wellbeing train.

Post-cycling retreat and with a decidedly stubbly face, Monday morning was the perfect opportunity to try out the VeloSkin Shave Cream and Post Shave Lotion before a day at the office.

I’m nothing if not meticulous when it comes to my shaving ritual, so I set to work with a hot wet towel softening the stubble and opening the pores, before applying the Shave Cream. It has fresh, clean scent of orange blossom that isn’t overpowering at all. The cream develops a rich, luxuriant feel that softens the stubble/beard and allows a really comfortable shave. I mean, seriously comfortable. I have been through so many shave products over the years and none have come close to allowing me to escape a shave without skin blemishes – but with the VeloSkin cream there is no sign of skin irritation.

Where have you been all my life?

The Post Shave Lotion takes the positive experience a step further: this thick cream absorbs into the skin with ease, again featuring orange blossom as its lead scent. The range seems to suit my skin so much that I have taken to using this as a daily moisturiser or ad-hoc skin ‘pick me up’ when I am looking a little overtired.

We both tested the Soothing Gel on our Moor Retreats weekend. With two long days in the saddle and hills 0’plenty, the combination of a post-ride massage followed by an application of VeloSkin Soothing Gel was just the fillip our weary legs needed. VeloSkin’s Chamois Cream was a hit, too. Chamois cream is a topic that divides many among the cycling community, and what works for one may not work for another – but what I will say is that VeloSkin seems to have cracked (no pun intended) it here. Although Victoria has long been a fan, I’ve never been keen on chamois creams before – but this one has proved brilliant on long rides and definitely increases my comfort in the saddle.

It is rare that a brand can ingratiate itself into your personal stable immediately – in my case, almost never – but VeloSkin has done just that with its range of cycling specific skincare products. Not only has it managed to develop a skincare range that satisfies the needs of cyclists, it has also delivered, for me, a solution to a longstanding skincare problem and for that I am truly thankful.

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