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British cycling brand Stolen Goat launch limited edition collectors’ pieces


This year cycling brand Stolen Goat have taken a slightly different approach to the cycle clothing business model. The kit is made in Europe, so the brand has been hit hard by recent currency trends. ‘Chief Herder’ Tim (who you may remember from this guest blog) made the decision that, rather than simply increasing prices, they would revisit the entire concept-to-market process – from sketching out designs, to products ready to go in packaging and every step in between.

The Core Collection from Stolen Goat

The new Stolen Goat core range doesn’t compromise on fit or design features, but takes a ‘design once’ approach. The brand’s jerseys, bib shorts and gilets are designed once, photographed once and sold year round. This strips out design and marketing costs over the long term and allows riders to get the best possible kit without any price hikes due to currency trends.

The core range comes in multiple colourways and features plenty of options for both men & women.

Stolen Goat Limited Edition Collectors’ Pieces

The limited edition range is designed for riders looking for something that feels more bespoke. Each design has a maximum cap on the total number ever to be manufactured and sold – across all channels. The designs are each made in smaller waves until the maximum number is reached.

The Stolen Goat Limited Edition Queen Bee Women’s Cycling Jersey is available for £75

Stolen Goat’s ethos is to inspire others to adventure more whenever possible. No-one wants to wear boring kit that everyone else has at the cafe stop, so the team at Stolen Goat design garments that express personality, flair and individuality. With built-in premium features such as raw cut sleeves, YKK hidden zippers with neck guards, an extra water resistant stash pocket and much more, the Stolen Goat Limited Edition Collectors’ Pieces are intended to liven up any ride. There is a range of options for both men and women, and the kits can be mixed and matched with the core range as well as the brand’s new Coolmax socks.

Stolen Goat has launched an updated version of its Hypervelocity jersey (above), which I reviewed last year.

The Stolen Goat Sundown Limited Edition Men’s Cycling Jersey is priced at £75

(And, as a note to retailers – the limited numbers of each design also means that any Stolen Goat retail partners have the ability to effectively take exclusivity over the individual design.)

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Stolen Goat Guest Blog: Empowerment through Cycle Clothing

cycle clothing empowerment stolen goat

Tim here, Chief Herder at Stolen Goat.

I’ve been following the progress of and I’m hooked. Victoria & Matt are creating something very special here so it was a real privilege to be given the opportunity to voice my thoughts on stolen goat and our perspective on life and of course cycling.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

stolen goat was established in 2012. While most people probably see us as a pure cycle clothing brand, I actually started the business with a much broader goal: to create a company that worked much more efficiently than the norm so that I, and whoever joined the company, could get out on the bike more and inspire others to do the same.

stolen goat
Life isn’t all about work. It’s about making time for what’s really important – keeping fit and active, seeing the great outdoors, and spending time with the people who are important to us

I have written lots on the subject of late, but in this guest article I’d like to focus on the how we leverage cycle clothing to inspire and empower people to get out and Adventure More…

Cycling Jerseys

Let’s start with cycling jerseys. It’s a logical place to start, because for most cyclists the jersey is the key to the whole outfit.

The humble cycling jersey has been designed and re-designed over the years. We have trusted in Bioracer to manufacture our performance cycle wear: after all, they have won over 500 Olympic medals and World Championships through clothing sponsorship. No other cycle clothing manufacturer in the world that can say that. Their expertise means that we can let them worry about perfecting the fit while we focus on nailing the look and feel of the garment.

It works very well indeed.

Cycling is a wonderful sport because it can be both a team sport and a solo pursuit. Cyclists, therefore, are individuals who often ride together. The designs we offer at stolen goat are intended to inspire the individual to get out and ride and we believe that nothing motivates like a bespoke design that speaks to us on a personal level. We don’t do generic particularly well. (The Hypervelocity jersey, recently reviewed here, is anything but generic).

stolen goat orkaan

In the last couple of years technological advancements in garment fabrics has meant that the humble cycling jersey can now do so much more than just look great and fit perfectly. For example, our new Orkaan (Dutch for hurricane) range for men and women utilises modern fabrics to create lightweight jerseys that feel luxuriously soft on the inside and allow your body to breathe – and yet also keep you dry if it rains. This means that you can wear it in all but the hottest and driest conditions. If the weather is remotely changeable this will keep you feeling smug on the bike.

This is empowerment.

Nothing stops us in our tracks like looking through the window and seeing the drizzle kick in. Our mission is to get you to step away from the laptop and say, no matter what the weather is doing, that it’s time for your next cycling adventure.

Completing the circle

We’ve had fantastic all-weather jerseys in our range for a couple of years now. This year we have launched more options for men & women, and now offer an “Everyday” fit which is ideal for commuting, general riding – even racing, if you wish.

stolen goat orkaan

But having a lightweight waterproof jersey is no good if you don’t have the rest of the kit to match. To complete the circle, this year we have introduced a selection of shorts, tights and accessories to our Orkaan range to create an Orkaan Capsule – a personal bubble of protection, if you will. No matter what the weather conditions, you can now ride without wearing 15 layers and carrying bulky options around with you… which is no fun at all. I think all cyclists love the feeling of carrying as little as possible – it’s one of the luxuries of cycling in the summer (well, sometimes).

Hopefully with the additions to our range we can empower you to get out and ride more, come rain or shine.

Conclusions – you can have your cake and eat it

This is an exciting time for our sport, especially in the UK. New brands are popping up all over the place, and there are now more options than ever for both male & female cyclists. And, of course, Great Britain smashes it every time we ride the Olympic boards.

The weather is one of biggest factors that discourages people from riding more.

There are now options out there to counteract that factor, and I’m very proud that our growing brand is at the forefront of the cycle clothing empowerment movement. If you want to add more adventure to your life, please consider stepping away from the screen a little more and exploring the outdoor playground on your doorstep. If you need some kit to help make that happen – give us a shout at and let’s all #AdventureMore 🙂

stolen goat orkaan

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Review: Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey


The Stolen Goat range of Bodyline cycling jerseys were created with a specific brief: to be performance orientated and stylish, without a huge price tag. At £60 the Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey is decent value for money, and it’s nice to see such a bold design at a pretty affordable price point. I’ve been putting it through its paces over the past few weeks as we enjoy the final throes of summer.

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women's Cycling Jersey

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey: Design

If you’re not afraid of a horizontal stripe, and if fading into the background ain’t your thing, then we think The Technicolour Dream Goat is pretty fabulous.

(And yes, I did just manage to insert a Joseph reference into a cycling review – a world first, I would hope?)

Multicoloured stripes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, granted. If you’re a cyclist who likes to look like a ninja on your bike, then it’s probably not the jersey for you.

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women's Cycling Jersey

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey: Sizing

For a British brand, the sizing is a bit on the small side. I expect to wear size large in Castelli (or XXXL in Assos…!) but would usually order a medium from British cyclewear brands. However, the medium I originally tried was so small that I looked unfortunately like a sausage bursting from its skin. (Of course, it’s possible that I’ve just been eating too many flapjacks.)

regular readers know that Matt is the zip obsessive in our household. What can I say? He doesn’t get out much…

The large fits perfectly. (Off bike, I wear size 12). More so if you have boobs to accommodate, I would recommend ordering a size up in this jersey for a bit of wiggle room.

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women's Cycling Jersey
As the mornings get cooler, I’ll happily add a pair of merino arm warmers to this kit to extend its life before winter hits

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey: Features

For a mid-price cycling jersey, the Stolen Goat Bodyline is quite rich on features.

First up, it has a water resistant, zipped 4th pocket. Getting into pocket talk sounds pretty dull, but pockets are important to cyclists, aren’t they? I really expect a zipped pocket on jerseys now. I don’t like to keep my keys in my pouch pouch in case they scratch the screen, but nor do I want them jiggling around loose in a pocket. Call me paranoid, but I think a zipped pocket is a key feature. (No pun intended). (Ok, pun maybe intended).

the 4-way stretch fabric used to manufacture the jersey features UV protection which for a sun safety obsessive like me is a valuable addition.

Next: it has a good zipper. Now, regular readers will know that Matt is the zip obsessive in our household. (What can I say? He doesn’t get out much). It’s easy to overlook something like a zip, but if it’s crap, you’ll know about it. The Stolen Goat Bodyline jerseys feature YKK zips which open and close easily with one hand (useful when you find yourself heating up after going for a Strava segment) and lock in place when pushed down. YKK ZIP = A-OK.

In terms of rider comfort, Stolen Goat have thought things through. There is a neckline zip protector – after all, nobody wants a zip rubbing at the neck. A zip garage increases comfort. There are heat transfer neck labels, because scratchy neck labels are horrid and irritating. And, the 4-way stretch fabric used to manufacture the jersey features UV protection which for a sun safety obsessive like me is a valuable addition.

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women's Cycling Jersey
While the main colour isn’t my favourite shade of purple, there’s something about the rich jewel tones in this jersey that look particularly good in that late summer/early autumn sunlight

Stolen Goat Hypervelocity Women’s Cycling Jersey: Overall verdict

For a cycling jersey without any silicone grippers, it did remarkably little riding up which is good, because it drives me mad when I have to keep tugging a jersey down while I’m cycling.

The cut of the jersey is lovely: it’s sleek, flattering, and the perfect length. It’s a good shape for my – ahem – ample feminine curves. The fabric feels nice against the skin, and it’s fast to dry out, too. In terms of quality, I’d pitch the Stolen Goat Bodyline range firmly halfway between dhb and Rapha. While it lacks some of the refinement and technology of the most high end cycling brands, the cut and fabric put it above many of the big mass-market names.

I really like the stripes: there aren’t enough patterned cycling jerseys around for my liking and I enjoy wearing something that stands out. The palette isn’t exactly what I’d choose – the main colour is a slightly auberginey shade of purple which isn’t my thing – but I do like a multicolour jersey and I must say, it tones really well with my Bont shoes, This is Cambridge socks and Kask helmet… And for the Indian summer we’re enjoying at the moment, the rich jewel tones that make up the design look really striking.

You can order the jersey from Stolen Goat, and it is priced at £60.


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The quest continues: Victoria shares her pick of cool women’s cycling kits

Featured image

Women’s cycling is going from strength to strength and it’s heartening to see more apparel designers launching expanded collections for female cyclists. I’m sure I’m not alone, though, in feeling that women’s cycling clothing is all too often still a bit of an afterthought. If you’re struggling to find kit as cool as you are, read on, because I’ve made it my mission to share all the cool women’s cycling kits I can find. You’ll find more good stuff here and here.

And don’t forget that the coolest kit of 2016, the kit, is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Register your interest here!


Hors catégorie socks – This is Cambridge

cool women's cycling kits

These glorious socks from This is Cambridge are just fah-bu-lous. I ordered a pair to coordinate with my pink Bont shoes… The socks feature Meryl Skinlife® which is a high performance yarn containing antibacterial properties which maintain the natural balance of the skin, reducing odours. What’s more, they look incredibly cool with a 15cm cuff, making them ideal for cyclists seeking a performance sock with top notch style. They’re £13.50.


Vision Cycling Jersey – Polaris Bikewear

cool women's cycling kits

We’ll be publishing a review of this soon, but in the meantime, I can tell you that it’s great. The Vision Jersey is a women’s specific performance jersey made from a fast wicking fabric to keep you dry. Polaris has a co-ordinating pair of waist shorts (as regular readers know, not usually my preferred choice – but so far, I’m liking them…) so the half zip on the jersey is no problem. There is plenty of storage, too, with three rear pockets including a zipped security pocket. If this aqua blue shade ain’t your bag, it also comes in fuchsia pink and regal purple. I really, really like this jersey. It’s available for £64.99.


Women’s Wind Cheater/Core Gilet in WaterCOLOUR – The Pedla

cool women's cycling kits

Ok, ok. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a bold floral print. What can I say – I must be the Mary Berry of the cycling world… But this women’s specific wind cheater gilet from The Pedla is gorgeous and utilises an advanced Italian WINDTEX windproof membrane for performance. It is designed with front shield-style paneling to insulate and protect you from wind and light rain while the rear panelling uses quick-drying microfibre material which is soft, breathable and moisture wicking. It’s a beautiful way to add a dash of summertime to your cycling wardrobe. It’s priced at AUD $196.


Women’s Bodyline SS Slipstream Jersey – Stolen Goat

cool women's cycling kits

It doesn’t always have to be floral for me to like it. This Slipstream jersey from Stolen Goat makes it into my list of cool women’s cycling kits because it’s super chic and the colours rock. I like it a lot. You can order it for £60.


Aloha Jersey – Babicicool women's cycling kits

We’re back to florals! But this time, tropical ones. The Aloha jersey features a beautifully designed Hawaiian tropical pattern. Illustrated with amazing detail and constructed from high performance textiles, Babici expects this to be its most popular jersey of 2016. I’m sorely tempted. It’s priced at AUD $190.


Body Geometry Gel Women’s Glove – Specialized

cool women's cycling kits

I know what you’re thinking. Why is this in the list of cool women’s cycling kits? It isn’t a very exciting piece of kit. Where’s the bold design? What’s so cool about it? Fine, I admit it: they’re not going to set your world on fire. But take it from a women’s cycling glove afficionado: these are excellent summer cycling mitts. The padding is second to none and the fuchsia detailing is bolder than it looks in pictures. I bought a pair in Sigma Sport a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really pleased with them. Very good gloves indeed. You can buy them for £25.00.


Polka Dot Blue Women’s Cycling Gloves – Stolen Goat
cool women's cycling kits

You need a bolder glove? You want more than performance – you want pizzazz? Well, these mitts from Stolen Goat have got it. Super duper polka dots (bang on trend, if you care) and aero styling so that nothing can hold you back from that Queen of the Mountain. CUTE. And yours for £29.50.


Women Summer Jersey Checked Yellow – La Passione

cool women's cycling kits

“Every peloton has a leader, but not every peloton has a stylish leader.” Too true, La Passione! I was torn over which colourway to show you from the new La Passione range. I finally decided that yellow jerseys for women are few and far between, and this shade is so deliciously sunny and summery that it deserves a place in the list. I also like this description from the brand: the jersey “is not only perfectly suited for any female Tour de France winner, but equally for anyone with style and a winning attitude in cycling.” Sold, to the lady in Lycra. £53.00.


Boels Dolmans SL Pro Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey – Specialized 

cool women's cycling kits

I saw a cyclist wearing this kit in Richmond Park last weekend and it looked cool AF. The colours are amazing and I love how unapologetically bold it is. Super modern and super cool. The VaporRize knit fabric construction is ultra-soft and breathable and, combined with Coldblack fabric, it’s a great jersey for hot days out on the road. Yours for £90 from Sigma Sport.


Empire Women’s Road Shoe – Giro (at Sigma Sport)

Coolest women's cycling kit

Finally – we all know how important the right shoes are, and no list of cool women’s cycling kits would be complete without some good footwear. These are not cheap. But they are pretty. Glossy black with that petrol-hued logo and vibrant turquoise laces, the carbon-soled Empire Women’s Road Shoe by Giro is hot to trot. Love them. They are priced at £229.95


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Ten of the coolest men’s and women’s cycling jerseys for Summer 2016


Victoria’s pick of the coolest women’s cycling jerseys:

The sun is out and the mercury is rising. All I can think about is getting out on my bike in the coolest women’s cycling jerseys of 2016. The kit is, of course, our favourite – more about that here! – but that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of cool kits out there this season. Here’s my pick of the bunch…

Feel free to share your objects of desire in the comments, or tell us on Twitter what you’re lusting over.Cool women's cycling jerseys 2016

Attaquer – Core Brush Women’s Cycling Jersey

The Attaquer Core Brush jersey in teal is vibrant and summery and bold and beautiful. We like the colour and the subtle fade of this graffiti-esque women’s cycle jersey, and from what we’ve seen of Attaquer kit, we’d expect the fabric to be top notch too.

AUS$179.95 – From Attaquer


Cool women's cycling jerseys 2016

MAAP – Arrows Women’s Cycling Jersey

The Aussies really know how to do cool cycle kits. Maap’s Arrows women’s cycle jersey is sharp: we like both colourways, but the navy and coral really floats our boat. Properly cool.

AUS$180.00 – From MAAP


Cool women's cycling jerseys 2016

Twin Six – The Artcrank Women’s Cycling Jersey

What’s black and white and red all over? The Artcrank women’s cycle jersey from Twin Six. This is not a jersey for the faint hearted, but we think it’s pretty fabulous. A whole peloton in this design might be migraine-inducing, for a solo cyclist, we think this rocks.

US$85.00 – From Twin Six



Cool women's cycling jerseys 2016

Giro – Chrono Pro Women’s Cycling Jersey

We adore the nebular print of this Giro women’s cycle jersey. What can we say? It’s out of this world. Understated, chic and unusual.

£139.99 – By Giro, from Wiggle


Cool women's cycling jerseys 2016

Stolen Goat – Momentum Women’s Cycling Jersey

“Moving effortlessly from one colour to another, this jersey represents our freedom of movement on the bike.” – Well. We’re not sure about that, but we do like the trendy ombre-effect and the bold shades of this women’s cycle jersey from Stolen Goat. Very smart indeed.

£60.00 – From Stolen Goat

Matt’s pick of the coolest men’s cycling jerseys:


Velobici Verne

Velobici – Verne (Cannon Grey)

This lightweight short-sleeved three-season number from Leicestershire’s own Velobici had us drooling from the outset. A great colour combination with technical detailing to match, its sartorial credentials are firmly at the forefront. Those in the know will be able to spot your finery from afar and will duly admire.

£150  – From Velobici



Attaquer – GiroXAttaquer


Is there any brand on top of their game like Attaquer are right now? If so, we would love to see them. With exquisite collaborations in conjunction with G!ro and Dosnoventa as well as a riotous range of cool cycling jerseys for both men and women, we’d sell our grannies* for pretty much everything they purvey.

*ok, not our grannies. But perhaps our souls.

£89.95 – From Giro Cycles



La Passione – Summer Diagonal Jersey (Blue)


A return to true classic lines and hues, this summer offering from La Passione hits the mark in delivering bold shades in a powerful yet understated way. Showy but without bling, this jersey let others know that you know your onions…

£54 – From La Passione – Classic Jersey (Black)


Sometimes it just has to be black, the unmistakable silhouette that sets off just about any bike. Rapha have nailed it with the Core. The subtle injection of contrast with the white and pink elements are understated and cool. A collection to remind you of the timelessness of cycling.

£110 – From



Hunter Bros – Butterfly Jersey


If you can allay your vehement dislike of flying insects for more than a few hours (yes, Matt – you!) this punchy number from Antipodean apparel artistes Hunter Bros will have you soaring above the crowd. Tell me you see beautiful kit like this in Richmond Park. Go on, tell me. You can’t, can you? Because you don’t. Let’s bring some style from Down Under to London.

AUS$155 – From Hunter Bros