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#SockDoping: we get footloose and fancy free with Victory Chimp cycling socks


We’ve been indulging in some #sockdoping lately, courtesy of boutique cycling brand Victory Chimp who sent us some of their new Hill Repeat Socks in glorious Celeste.

Victory Chimp cycling socks

Call us judgmental, but we believe socks say a lot about a cyclist. While we don’t generally go in for The Rules – nobody likes being dictated to – we do believe that a cyclist’s sock game is important. This is one area of cycling apparel that we’ll get bossy about.

The Sock Rules are brief but important:

  1. Thou shalt not wear those ghastly concealed socks, which poke out around the ankle in an embarrassed, undignified fashion. Have the courage to wear your socks long, loud and proud.
  2. Thou shalt take pride in one’s sock game and coordinate one’s ankles with the rest of one’s kit.

The new range of Victory Chimp cycling socks will definitely help you to up your #sockdoping game. With a wavy stripe design inspired by undulating training roads and the uniform profiles of sets of intervals, the Hill Repeats cycling sock is particularly sharp, as well as being wicking, lightweight and breathable. It has a 6″ cuff, too, so there is plenty of pattern on show.

They’re really soft, with a breathable mesh upper and a super comfy padded footbed. When you pull them on, it feels like your feet are being hugged. It’s a rather nice sensation.

From their first outing, they became our sock of choice. And as they’ve already been washed and worn more than a dozen times, we can attest to the quality, too.

Why did I look so happy cycling up Box Hill? Probably because my feet looked so good…

Victory Chimp cycling socks

Victory Chimp cycling socks are available for £10.00.