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Tim here, Chief Herder at Stolen Goat.

I’ve been following the progress of and I’m hooked. Victoria & Matt are creating something very special here so it was a real privilege to be given the opportunity to voice my thoughts on stolen goat and our perspective on life and of course cycling.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

stolen goat was established in 2012. While most people probably see us as a pure cycle clothing brand, I actually started the business with a much broader goal: to create a company that worked much more efficiently than the norm so that I, and whoever joined the company, could get out on the bike more and inspire others to do the same.

Life isn’t all about work. It’s about making time for what’s really important – keeping fit and active, seeing the great outdoors, and spending time with the people who are important to us

I have written lots on the subject of late, but in this guest article I’d like to focus on the how we leverage cycle clothing to inspire and empower people to get out and Adventure More…

Cycling Jerseys

Let’s start with cycling jerseys. It’s a logical place to start, because for most cyclists the jersey is the key to the whole outfit.

The humble cycling jersey has been designed and re-designed over the years. We have trusted in Bioracer to manufacture our performance cycle wear: after all, they have won over 500 Olympic medals and World Championships through clothing sponsorship. No other cycle clothing manufacturer in the world that can say that. Their expertise means that we can let them worry about perfecting the fit while we focus on nailing the look and feel of the garment.

It works very well indeed.

Cycling is a wonderful sport because it can be both a team sport and a solo pursuit. Cyclists, therefore, are individuals who often ride together. The designs we offer at stolen goat are intended to inspire the individual to get out and ride and we believe that nothing motivates like a bespoke design that speaks to us on a personal level. We don’t do generic particularly well. (The Hypervelocity jersey, recently reviewed here, is anything but generic).

In the last couple of years technological advancements in garment fabrics has meant that the humble cycling jersey can now do so much more than just look great and fit perfectly. For example, our new Orkaan (Dutch for hurricane) range for men and women utilises modern fabrics to create lightweight jerseys that feel luxuriously soft on the inside and allow your body to breathe – and yet also keep you dry if it rains. This means that you can wear it in all but the hottest and driest conditions. If the weather is remotely changeable this will keep you feeling smug on the bike.

This is empowerment.

Nothing stops us in our tracks like looking through the window and seeing the drizzle kick in. Our mission is to get you to step away from the laptop and say, no matter what the weather is doing, that it’s time for your next cycling adventure.

Completing the circle

We’ve had fantastic all-weather jerseys in our range for a couple of years now. This year we have launched more options for men & women, and now offer an “Everyday” fit which is ideal for commuting, general riding – even racing, if you wish.

But having a lightweight waterproof jersey is no good if you don’t have the rest of the kit to match. To complete the circle, this year we have introduced a selection of shorts, tights and accessories to our Orkaan range to create an Orkaan Capsule – a personal bubble of protection, if you will. No matter what the weather conditions, you can now ride without wearing 15 layers and carrying bulky options around with you… which is no fun at all. I think all cyclists love the feeling of carrying as little as possible – it’s one of the luxuries of cycling in the summer (well, sometimes).

Hopefully with the additions to our range we can empower you to get out and ride more, come rain or shine.

Conclusions – you can have your cake and eat it

This is an exciting time for our sport, especially in the UK. New brands are popping up all over the place, and there are now more options than ever for both male & female cyclists. And, of course, Great Britain smashes it every time we ride the Olympic boards.

The weather is one of biggest factors that discourages people from riding more.

There are now options out there to counteract that factor, and I’m very proud that our growing brand is at the forefront of the cycle clothing empowerment movement. If you want to add more adventure to your life, please consider stepping away from the screen a little more and exploring the outdoor playground on your doorstep. If you need some kit to help make that happen – give us a shout at and let’s all #AdventureMore 🙂

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