Review: Victoria puts the Rivelo Frensham long sleeve jersey and Hazelwood 3/4 bib knickers to the test

Rivelo Hazelwood 3/4 bib tights

Rivelo produces consistently high quality cycling clothing at competitive prices, and we’ve been fans since the brand launched. Our derrieres have ridden many miles in comfort thanks to Rivelo’s top notch bib tights and shorts, and the brand’s hard shell Larkstone and Langcliffe jackets have battled through downpours. So, it was with high expectations that I unwrapped some of the brand’s latest offerings: the women’s Frensham thermal long sleeve jersey, Hazelwood 3/4 bib knickers and Ashdown long sleeve merino base layer. They are all available to purchase here.

Rivelo Hazelwood 3/4 Bib Knickers

In an ideal cycling world, I daresay we would all like spring to arrive swiftly and warmly at the beginning of March so that we can cast aside our thermal tights, woollen socks and windproof gloves. Unfortunately we seemed to have a particularly long and cold winter this year, with frosty starts continuing far longer than any sane cyclist would like. Being a particularly soft sort, there was no way I could jettison full length thermal tights in favour of 3/4 bib knickers, so it wasn’t until late March that I finally ventured out in the Hazelwoods.

A good pair of 3/4 bib knickers is great for this time of year, when it’s too cold to get your knees out, but no longer cold enough to merit top-to-toe insulation. The Rivelo Hazelwood 3/4 bib knickers are excellent: they feature the brand’s signature high density chamois pad from Cytech with bacteriostatic, a quick drying and cooling fabric covering which means they’re great for any length of ride, from commuting to lengthy weekends adventures. The thermal fabric keeps the chill out and offers a high level of compression and support, and there’s no danger of flashing your bum at passing riders – the fabric isn’t remotely see through.

I’m wearing size medium and they’re a comfortable fit, snug and compressive without being restrictive.

The Hazelwood 3/4 bib knickers have plenty of useful features: reflective details and a zip pocket for valuables, a breathable mesh brace bib with a zipped front which is really comfortable and feels snug and supportive, and mesh panels on the backs of the knees for comfort and breathability.

I’ve found these bib knickers really comfortable: the bib is not too stretchy, so they don’t slide down at all while I’m riding. They stay in position really well so there is no need to fidget and tug things back to where they should be. I haven’t been on any lengthy rides recently – we’ve just been pottering about locally, riding up to 30 miles a session. Because of that I can’t vouch for comfort if you’re thinking of wearing them on a 100 mile ride. That said, we haven’t really been putting in the miles recently for various reasons, so I had expected to be rather saddle sore after a 30 mile breakfast ride – but no, the chamois pad did a great job of keeping me comfortable.

I like the look of these tights, too. The flash of red around the calf is a welcome injection of colour and looks fabulous, darling, with the Frensham jersey in navy and red…

The Rivelo Hazelwood 3/4 bib knickers retail at £130.


Rivelo Frensham Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

I adore the look of this jersey, and it’s madly comfortable. Soft and snuggly, nicely proportioned, excellent pockets – it’s just lovely to wear. I really like this vibrant shade of French navy which is a chic alternative to black, and which looks great with red and white for a rather jaunty, nautical look. It’s a great jersey, and one that is so comfortable I find myself keeping it on around the house or popping it over a teeshirt to go down to the shop.

The Frensham long sleeve jersey has capacious pockets which are amply big enough for all of my ride essentials: an emergency Soreen banana loaf (or two), a compact pump, a Pocpac, tissues, keys and lip balm. I could have fitted more in, for sure. The pockets are also nicely snug and stretchy, so you needn’t worry about stuff bouncing out as you career over speed bumps and around potholes. (Surrey roads, I’m looking at you.)

The jersey is really nicely cut and doesn’t ride up when I’m pedalling. With its chic styling, practical pockets, reflective detailing, high quality zips and comfortable collar and cuffs, the Frensham is a great piece of kit. It’s also finished with DWR treatment in case you get caught in the rain.

My only criticism is that its usage is a bit limited. It’s not warm enough to replace a jacket in winter, but it is a warm jersey so once spring has sprung, it might be too much to wear on rides. I don’t tend to find that my long sleeved jerseys get a huge amount of wear – with a winter jacket on top I find I get too warm, but once the mercury begins to rise a long sleeved jersey can often be too much on its own for me.

Generous rear pockets will easily hold all of your ride essentials – and more besides!

If you put in plenty of miles in those in-between seasons, the Rivelo Frensham is a very comfy compromise between jersey and jacket.

The Rivelo Frensham long sleeve jersey is available for £100.


Rivelo Ashdown Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer

I’ve been wearing the Ashdown base layer a lot. I’ve worn it on the bike, I’ve worn it out walking, I’ve worn it around the house, and I’ve worn it with a jacket and jeans at the weekend. It kept me warm in Glasgow one bitterly cold weekend in November. I love it. The stripes are gorgeous – navy and black is just a great combination – and it’s really comfortable. I prefer it to my Rapha merino base layer which is itchier and less flattering.

The lightweight striped Merino/Poly Ashdown base layer is odour resistant and moisture wicking, so it’s a great commuter top. If you work in a casual office and can cycle in your street clothes, it wouldn’t look out of place at work with a pair of black or navy trousers. I will be packing it on our upcoming Canada trip – I expect the weather to be good in June, but this is a lightweight, cosy layer if the temperature drops in the evenings and it won’t take up much room in my suitcase.

Great base layer. No complaints, whatsoever.

You can order the Rivelo Ashdown Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer for £55.

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