Review: Matt tests the Rivelo Peaslake Cycling Jersey and Honister Bib Shorts

Rivelo Peaslake Jersey

I’ve been testing the Rivelo Peaslake cycling jersey and Honister bib shorts over the past couple of months. They’ve been up hill and down dale on weekend rides in Yorkshire, and they’ve kept me looking sharp on my commute, too.

It’s no secret that we were  impressed by the Winter 2015 offering from Rivelo: it was well made kit with clever detailing and smart styling at a very affordable price point. It’s hardly surprising, then, that we were keen to test the brand’s Summer 2016 collection (which is available through SportPursuit).


Rivelo Peaslake Cycling Jersey

The Peaslake cycling jersey retails at a very keen £39.99 on SportPursuit. With its wicking capabilities, slim fit and pockets roomy enough to stash a whole host of inner tubes, Clif bars, bananas and iPhones, it ticks plenty of boxes for me. And while I’m maybe not quite as into the nautical stripe thing as Victoria, I’ll admit that this design does convey a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s smart and understated. (Like me, obvs…)

The sleeves of the Peaslake jersey are spot on. They’re somewhat extended here with the addition of my trusty baselayer. Summer? What summer?!

The fit, as with all the Rivelo kit we have tested so far, is impeccable. The cut of the panels is good, contouring the body when in a riding position and hanging nicely off the bike. I particularly like the sleeve length on the Peaslake. I have to admit that I do have a few interesting foibles and certain elements of cycling kit just nark me: too-short sleeves are a particular bug-bear, so I’m happy to report for all you similarly-minded folk, the sleeves are a joy on this jersey. (Note, though, that the black edging you can see is my base layer…)

Clif Bar? Check. Toolkit? Check. iPhone? Check. These pockets swallow up everything you need to carry.

The fabric is lightweight without being too skimpy, offering a good balance of breathability and comfort for those descents when it can get chilly.

Overall, the Rivelo Peaslake cycling jersey is a well-constructed, great looking piece of kit that won’t break the bank. You could easily spend much more to get this level of detail and design consideration, so I’d advise you to get in there and snap one up.


Rivelo Honister Bib Shorts

I know we keep harping on about what good value this kit is. But seriously – these bib shorts retail at £49.99 on SportPursuit and they are brilliant. They’re really compressive and the chamois pad is just about the best I’ve worn. I’d wager that you cannot buy a better pair of bib shorts for this price. They’ve been worn and washed loads of times now and show no sign of stretching out of shape, fading, or failing at the seams. The chamois is still like new. They’re just great bib shorts.

My posterior has graced more than its fair share of bib shorts, but this is the pair I return to again and again.

If you’re anything like me, you probably scour the web for reviews of prospective purchases before you make them. A cursory look at the reviews of the Honister bib shorts will return good review after good review – I can only concur with those that have gone before.

The leg grippers are highly effective and the fabric is compressive and comfortable. Brilliant bib shorts.

Having allowed my posterior to grace the garments of a vast range of brands’ bib shorts, I can think of no greater accolade than to say that these are the pair I return to again and again. Victoria and I have covered a good few miles over the past couple of months and shoe-horned in the UCI Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo, a 74-miler in undulating Yorkshire countryside and numerous other jaunts – the Honister bib shorts are always one of the first thing carefully placed (NEVER THROWN) into the Kitbrix.

The leg grippers are some of the best I have experienced, so much so that your leg hairs are at risk of forced removal, if you don’t already shave them. They do, however ensure that the shorts stay where they are suppose to.

At this price, you would be wise to snap a pair up before stocks run out. They’ll keep you sitting pretty for the rest of the summer.

In our his ‘n’ hers Rivelo summer kit…


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