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Neat Cleats on Kickstarter: a smart storage solution for cycling shoes

Wall mounted

We love this little gadget which is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Sure, as the designers themselves say, it’s not going to change the world – but it will help to keep it tidy, which is no bad thing. So, if you’re all too often scrabbling around the house for stray bits of cycling kit, or rummaging around the car boot for your other shoe, pop along to to pledge a few pounds (anything from £1 towards the project to £1,600 to become a fully fledged reseller)  and keep your s**t together.

What is a NeatCleat?

NeatCleats are a simple and easy way of storing and tidying your cycling shoes after a hard day riding whether you’re at home or on the move.

They are a bracket engineered to fit onto the underside of your existing cycling shoe. They are both MTB and Road bike cleat compatible.

There are two models: a wall-fixed bracket ideal for home or the office, and a portable bracket with carabiner fixing for using just about anywhere.

The NeatCleats wall bracket fits simply, requiring only a 7mm drill and Torx screw driver. Wall fixings for both masonry and drywall/plasterboard fixings are included in your purchase.



Why Bother?

NeatCleats are designed to keep your shoes in one place. No more emptying your car boot trying to find that missing left shoe! It gets them up off the floor, drying and airing faster than before.

The aim is to make your cycling world a little easier by keeping your kit in good condition and in one place so that you are always ready for that next ride, wherever it may take you.


The team have designed and re-designed the NeatCleats to get them just right. A good firm “click” lets you know that you have a good contact between shoe and bracket and that your footwear is secure.

The wall cleats were designed so that the shoe is suspended off the wall, keeping it clean and clear of any stubborn muck.


The carabiner version has the shoes facing each other for as compact a fitting as possible, which again keeps any residual muck away from everything else. The designers have added reflective webbing to the fabric joining the carabiner to the NeatCleats for a touch of extra visibility and have even thrown in a bottle opener on this version for those days when only a beer will do.


Who is behind NeatCleat?

The NeatCleat team is a small group of people who profess to love cycling in all its forms, whether on dirty little paths through forests and back country, or chewing up the roads. With a background in metal work and design they decided that their skills and love for cycling should meet.