Green is the new Black as KitBrix pledges support for Homeless Veterans

UK cycle and triathlon accessories brand KitBrix has announced it will be taking a very different approach to this weekend’s ‘Black Friday’ sales drive.

The brand has vowed to donate 20% of all sales generated during, what it is calling, ‘Green Friday’ to UK-based military charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans.

KitBrix confirmed that it wanted to use the opportunity to raise the profile of a charity that closely mirrors its own values and to generate much-needed public awareness of those that may have no choice other than to be outside this Winter.

Help 4 Homeless Veterans is based in the UK and their core mission is to source and provide accommodation to ex-service Personnel who are living rough or are in unsatisfactory accommodation.

“We believe that the rejuvenated skills of homeless ex-military personnel can be amplified when put back in to work. We are seeing more and more homeless in recent years and this is a social issue that is well within our powers to help solve,” KitBrix Founder & Director Robert Aldous.

The aims of Help 4 Homeless Veterans include:

Further details on the Help 4 Homeless Veterans charity can be found by visiting their Facebook page at:


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